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2019 Stand Down volunteer opportunities is now open, please click one of the links below. Thank You For Your Interest.

Stand Down Volunteer

American Legion Food Sign Up

If you are interested in serving on the dental team, safety team, as a chaplain, or if you are a social work student at Saint Leo University, or just need more Volunteer Information: Please contact Patti Templeton Patti@onecommunitynow.com


A note about the Stand Down

Wow, what a weekend! I have to share this with you about the Stand Down as personal journey for me. God is so Good and answers prayers. After Retiring I was looking for new directions. Although comfortable in retirement, I felt a real hole. Over the years I used my business job, duty in the USAF Reserve and family as an excuse to not get engaged serving others. I was just too busy and my calendar was full. After retiring last year the excuses of being too busy were washed away and replaced with a quiet voice came that said: 'Jim it is time for you to give back for your blessings over the past 40 years. Take your what every your Time, Talent and Treasures are and just start serving and turn it over to God for results. Stand Down this year was a life changing process for me over the last many months. I was really blessed by all of you and feel refreshed though "bone tired".

This Veteran's event touched lives far beyond those that were inside the fence. For example, tonight as I turned in the Rec Center Key at Veterans Park that they gave us for 24 hour access, I had over 15 people from rec staff to community members wanting to know more about what we did, why we did what we did, and how can they help. The Community is Growing and is part of our growing process to continue to do the great works that we have started.

Thank all of you for allowing me the opportunity to work with you to Serve those that Served us, the Veteran's.

Jim, Veteran/Volunteer from Pasco County

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